Girls how do you get a guy to be in a relationship with you?

I think i had sex too early with this guy I like, he barely texts me, i text him a lot first. I've had to delete his number. We had a falling out where he didn't talk to me for two weeks. We just started talking again. But i had to text him first and then he stopped replying. I tend to have sex really quickly cause I like doing it, but i think it makes guys loose respect for me.


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  • I don't really think there are any "tricks" to have a guy get in a relationship with you. Honestly he doesn't sound very interested in you. If you're the one that has to initiate everything, it wounds more like you're chasing him and he's putting up with it. If a guy is already interested in you having sex with him early won't stop that interest. This is just what I got from the information provided though.

    • yeah. even before we had the falling out, i felt like i always had to text him, but he'd want to chill, like he'd ask me to. i get freaked out when a guy is too into me. like at first he was always texting me, huge turn off. now i wish he would

    • Well honestly if you were giving off signs that him being so into you was bugging you he probably picked up on that and is trying to not seem too "desperate".

    • Yeah but now things r obvi different but I guess so is his attitude towards me


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  • no it doesn´t make guys disrespect you but you are fishing for the guys who only want sex if you want sex fast.


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  • Maybe it would be good if you could try and wait with that :)