Does she want to be more then friends?

I met this girl, and we have been seeing each other for about 2 months now. Though recently we have been getting closer. I noticed it when the begining of June I went on vacation for a week, and while I was on the Internet there, I would message her with simple messages to let her know how I was doing, and to know how she was doing. While there I rececived 2 messages on separate occasions quoting " I miss talking to you" and " I miss uu". Which i replied on the last one how I missed her too. When I got back from vacation the texting has been now daily messages ( she even remembered my Bday June 1st and had a present waiting for me which she gave to me when I returned home), and we have been hanging out almost everyday. With last Sunday me bringing her into the NYC for the first time. Now she has been trying to get me to watch her favorite show. Also when we hangout she talks about how we have to visit places and hangout more, and always hugs me goodbye, and texts goodnight.
So my question for you is does she want to be more then friends? And is sending out signs that I am missing?
Thank you

Thank you for the feedback! Tomrrow is her Bday, but she is leaving to go on a small trip, I plan on seeing her, and telling her that I will miss her b4 she leaves. Then asking her out when she comes back!
Hey folks, bad news... she said no :(


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  • She definitely is interested, and she's giving you all these hints in hope that you make a move.


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  • She likes you. She wants you to make a move.

  • Um... That's a obvious yes

  • It sounds like she definitely wants more than friends from you

  • It definitely sounds like she wants to be more than friends.


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