What if guy has online profile still but we aren't exclusive?

We met on tinder had a good first date and are still talking and going out again. He contacted me. He still looks at tinder though I saw he logged in recently.

Can he ever commit or is he just a player? We didn't hook up only a peck on lips and he's very respectful and great so far.


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  • I don't know how tinder works or even what that is. But through any of my relationships no matter how serious I don't normal put my relationship status.

    For me its private business, has nothing to do with playing the field so to speak


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  • It was one date. Give him some time before rushing to make things official or you'll lose him. If you still have a tinder then he can too. Wait a bit before trying to make things exclusive.

  • If you still have a tinder, then whats wrong with him having one? If you don't think he should have one, then you should delete yours too. Simple. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you though. At the worse you don't work out, at the best you do!