Making out on the 2nd & 3rd date too soon?

I'm 18 and he's 23. We have been on 3 dates so far in the past 3 weeks, been texting everyday and i feel we get on really well. But at the end of the 2nd and 3rd date we have been making out in his car... Is this too soon?

And do you think he will be expecting more than kissing on the next date?


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  • Second and third date make out is fine. Well, he will be looking for more soon, Maybe not next time.
    When you feel comfortable with going further, then go with it. Booby action is harmless and fun, it will keep him busy for a long time.


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  • 1) making out is ok on the first date. it is fun and if you hit it off go for it.
    2) I don't know what the "rules" are for young kids your age. For adults sex should be on the table from the 3rd date on. Doesn't mean it happens but it is understood it is an option if things go that way.
    3) guys will always WANT more then kissing. He will only EXPECT it if that is all he is with you for.
    I lost my virginity to the 23 yr old woman when I was 19. we kinda went out a few times. but really there is a fairly big difference in those ages maturity wise so it isn't a great fit.

  • I'd consider that normal.

    Yes, I think he's probably looking to move beyond kissing soon unless you've given him some sort of heads up that he's very inexperienced.

    I'd also suggest you could reasonably ask about monogamy before going much further, if you want.

  • When I was single I would have sex on the first datr or second date with almost every woman I met.

    I meet my wife she let me wait 3 months. I then married her.

    Hope I answered your question.


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  • Yes it is too soon. Tell him that was an accident and you want to get to know more about him. And stop having sex with him... if you don't want to lose him.