Celebrating monthly anniversary's?

I've been dating my current girlfriend for two months now to date but she keeps saying she wants to celebrate or in her words at least acknowledge monthly anniversaries?

Personally I think its a bit stupid to do so, the 6 month and then yearly I see much more sense in but, monthly? come on.

And now she is a little upset with me that I don't share her same view. To which I have no idea what to say because I'm not going to pretend its a big deal when I really don;t think it is which leads me to get irritated by the situation as I think this is a very silly thing to get upset over.

I already made plans with my friends (friends who are now only seen on a by monthly basis due to graduation) long before this day was coming and she is currently out of state so there is nothing we can do about the situation. So why get upset over it?


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  • Just let her know what you think. But the point is to tell her YOU LIKE HER and care about her a lot but just don't see the need celebrating monthly anniversaries. You don't want to see --->you finally say NO at the 30th monthly anniversary and she bursts into tears and cries hard "You changed. You don't love me any more."... Trust yourself and trust her.


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  • Just send her a little surprise! Maybe a voice note, or send her a romantic song, or stuff like that, to show her that actually you care about her. Girls like surprises!


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  • If it is important to her, it should be important to you.
    If it isn't, you fake it.