Ok, I need more opinions on the situation. That I'm in with this girl I really like?

Ok the girl that broke it off with me after we were talking for a month or so after she says I was pushing her I to a relationship, I've been giving her her space that she wants. I didn't think text her for two weeks and I finally texted her just asking get how her and her family was doing and everything. The final thing I said to her was "I was just want to see how you were doing just checking up on you. It's been really hard not talking to you because I think about you all the time lol." And the response I got was "I know it's been an adjustment thank you for ching in on me." What that mean it's been an adjustment? Does that mean she is possibly still interested in me? Do I still need to text her every couple weeks or so to check on her and hopefully it works out? I don't know what to do. When we were talking she told everyone how much she liked me and everything. I just need help in this situation so hopefully I'll get her back one day.


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  • It's been an adjustment to you going from talking to her all the time to not talking to her. She's not changed. Don't text her anymore and go find another chick.


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  • If she originally said you were "pushing her into a relationship" then she's not interested. That hasn't changed. I wouldn't waste your time pursuing her any longer.


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