Is there such thing as exclusively hooking up?

Like no romantic gestures, dates, or relationship stuff. but would guys be up for just exclusively hooking up with one person? Or are they not gonna be satisfied with hooking up with person/they need to hookup with everyone. I understand if they don't want a relationship, but I know a guy who's opposed to exclusively hooking up even though he would get all the benefits he wants! Why is this so hard for him?


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  • That doesn't work your suggesting to be exclusive to each there without any comments. It's a total oxymoron if you're exclusive that means your together and no one else. So you might as well say your boyfriend and girlfriend. If you're not exclusive that means there no attachments and both of can do what ever you want


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  • You can't just have casual sex with someone and then demand that they only have sex with you. That's childish and unfair.

    Seriously, you can't do that. You just can't. If you want a relationship, fine. If it's just sex then you have no right to tell me how to live my life, period.

  • Do you realize the irony, of the kind of people who want to hook up, being exclusive :)


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  • Because he wants to fuck about. If he only wanted to fuck one person at a time he'd be in a relationship. He wants multiple partners at the same time. If he wants that he wouldn't want only one fuck buddy; it defeats the point of fuck buddies if you only have one (not just because you can't get anyone else) you're in relationship denial.

    • It might not because he wants fuck someone else. He might just not want the head acks of have a girl tell what he can and cannot do, anniversaries, all that kinda good shit

    • I know there is always exceptions but I think if a guy doesn't want a relationship it's because (not always) he doesn't just want one girl.