Why are people so quick to criticize others for being superficial when they are doing the same thing to someone else?

I see this a lot. It usually ends to a lot of feelings getting hurt and things of that nature. I feel like a lot of guys and girls go for the very attractive girl or guy and 90% of the time they get rejected and just get very discouraged. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this happen. Whats wrong with average looking people? The thing I really can't stand is people who criticize others (mostly attractive people) for being superficial towards them and rejecting them for their looks when they do they EXACT same thing to those who they perceive as not attractive enough for them. I've been on both ends of the spectrum so I know what it feels like from both ends. I used to be seen as the "unattractive" guy that would get rejected more times than not but now I am seen as the "attractive" guy. I guess my question is how do you feel about those who criticize others for being superficial when they are doing the same thing?


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  • Why are people so quick to criticize others for being superficial when they are doing the same thing to someone else?
    In my opinion generally I find most people are hypocrites or blind to their own 'flaws'/'faults'.

    Whats wrong with average looking people?
    Possibly plenty in regards to physical health, mental health, or emotional health. As well as in my opinion it seems the media has created an unrealistic and high standard of female beauty so what is average may not be good enough for most guys. While for guys it could be that average looking guys are not funny, smart, wealthy, popular, or cool enough rather than his looks.

    I guess my question is how do you feel about those who criticize others for being superficial when they are doing the same thing?
    I feel amused. I generally see this is mostly guys and have generally experienced it with guys. It's a laugh to me when I call a guy out on his bs publicly humiliating asking him why he approached me with his answer being my looks which is right after he cusses/insults me for rejecting him based on his looks. It's amusing to me as it seems the guys are quite blind to their hypocrisy of approaching me based on looks yet holds a holier than thou attitude while getting hostile/insulting towards me and finding it superficial to be rejected based on looks.


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  • I think a lot of the problem is we all want to be better looking, we all want to be more attractive and find attractive people the most desirable and want to be surrounded by them. Average and less than average looking people are all striving to be and look like that small percentage of attractive people and those that aren't as attractive and choose to just embrace themselves for who they are get left by the wayside.
    It's ridiculous how the majority of people are average looking, average looking celebrities are air brushed to perfection and only a few are amazingly attractive naturally, yet we expect each other to look good. I do honestly think it's (yet again) the media's influence. We see beauty all around us and all want a piece of it, forgetting that people date those of their own attractiveness level. It's good to be confident enough to ask people out but it's all good to know yourself, your attractiveness level and your limitations. I think we've all become so obsessed with appearance that we lose sight of ourselves and where we fit :)

    I'm rambling here and probably not making sense! But bottom line, I think the media showers us with unrealistic ideals that we expect from the opposite sex to a degree that 'average' is just 'not good enough'.

  • It's easy to judge other people because it makes them feel like they're better then other people even if they're doing the same exact thing


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  • Well, rejection hurts, and pain makes you stupid. Generally I try to keep this in mind when people criticize someone who has just rejected them. I often think it's the pain talking, not reason.

    So tell me, asker, when you were the unattractive guy getting rejected, how did you react? Now that you are the attractive guy, how do you react when you reject people?

    By the way, I wrote a question somewhat along these lines. You might want to take a look at it.

    • By the way, it's been my experience that "average" is often a euphemism for "ugly." If you mean truly average when you say, "What's wrong with average looking people?" then I would say not much. However, if you really mean, "What's wrong with ugly looking people?" I would answer that there's nothing wrong with them, but I would remind you that ugly people are no more physically attracted to other ugly people than good looking people are. Now you can make the argument that they should take what they can get, however I understand why they aren't happy about it.

  • well we are selfish by nature so I think that would answer a lot to what you asked.