Can a guy can choose between two girls?

I was with my boyfriend for several years now. 2 months ago he announced me that he had sex with a girl and she's now pregnant. he is trying to be responsible now for the baby so he continues to stay with her. he said that he doesn't love her, that he loves me. but sometimes he is so confused,I don't know if he is going to to leave her even after the baby is born. What should I do? Now the girl said that she fell in love with him. should I leave them alone? I want him to choose me cause I love him and he loves me too. But I am afraid that after he starts having feelings for the other girl.


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  • I am sorry for you dear. You have been with him for a long time and you are going to go through a lot of emotional pain. If you want to start to feel better, move on. I say this because first, he cheated! He isn't sorry he did it at all! This leads me to believe that in the future every time he has a feeling for a girl he meets he will cheat again! Can you deal with that? Secondly, now he has a child with this girl he cheated on you with. Every time he sees this child, you too, you will be reminded of what he did! And he will always have a relationship with this girl. Can you handle that? You might say yes now because you are in love, you are hurt, and for now you want him. But I don't think you would want to spend the rest of your life like this? I wish you the best.

    • By reading your answer I absolutely agree with you. But I have been with him for 5years now. And its the first time he did that to me. Because besides that, he is a serious and good guy. I love him so much

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  • This is way too much drama.

    He cheated on you with a girl and got her pregnant and now he's staying with her, but he claims he only loves you. Girl, I know a lot of dirt bag guys and this is a game. He is most likely telling her he loves *her* and not you. I especially think this is true since he's staying with her and she is now in love with him. He's trying to play you.

    He shouldn't even have the option of choosing you. If you stay with him it is going to be 18 years of more senseless drama and lies. This guy just wants to have his cake and eat it too.

  • Girl, this is easier said then done but you should try to leave him. You don't want to get involved in baby mama drama because you'll receive a bigger heartbreak.