Don't know why I am so nervous at my age?

Okay so I have gone on a few dates, but mostly up to three dates. Except for one girl where it lasted about three months, I know everything for me has maximum of three (whether it be days, weeks, or months). I talk to girls but can't seem to get past small talk and ask a girl out, or even if I see a random girl I can't figure out what to say to her. It just feels like they might think I am creepy, see me as a fraud, or a guy not worth their time. Then I also wonder if she will think that the next guy is better than me.

For example there was a girl at the gas station I thought was cute, but couldn't walk up to her and talk to her. It just feels impossible for me to get a girlfriend and a possible wife, because I have never had a real meaningful relationship and still struggle with women.


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  • In my opinion I like a guy who is confident in himself... dnt always think of what you dnt have or lack reverse that with positives... if you have to write a list down of qualities you feel you have or even why your friends enjoy being around you... maybe your a great listener, sensitive, sense of humor etc... once you find those continue to remind yourself those positives and eventually your confidence will grow.. if you have to look into a mirror and say... I am... etc be proud of who you are.. if it hasn't happened yet it doesn't mean something is wrong with you perhaps God wants to give you only the best :)


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  • how old are you? just try to be confident in who you are


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  • I don't think nervousness ever really disappears. You just have to keep trying, with time it will get easier. And don't beat yourself up over it. It will happen.