Why are guys so confusing? Why can't they just be themselves around girls!?

None of the guys at my school can show their feelings. Seriously. But around their friends they're fine. I was told that this guy liked me, by his best friend. I could also tell because he took every chance he could to be around me. I guess that was his way of showing his feelings? But everyone was so sure that he liked me everyone teased us and joked that we fought and acted like a married couple. Which isn't true, because I still think of him just like a brother. But I've kind of developed feelings. I'm just wondering why guys always don't have any guys around girls. Actually it's funny my friend and I came up with a motto," If you like someone grow a pair and ask them out". It was funnier at the time..


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  • Because society tells male children that they should suppress their emotions, but also that females must be courted and act like this and that and in order to get them to like you you must do that and this; no one is teaching kids to just treat each other as people like any other - no, can't have that, equality is too simple!

    • They'll grow out of it eventually. Not everyone remains attached to the gender-polarized concepts on the long run, which is good.


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  • "If a guy does something stupid, its because he is a guy. If a guy does the same stupid thing twice, its because he is trying to impress a girl" Dr. Seuss

  • We'll male Homo sapiens tend to do this in middle school


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