Good first dates for introverts?

Gonna ask out this girl soon. We're both in high school and we're both very introverted. We've been talking with each other for about a month so we don't know each other very well.

However I have no idea what to do for a first date. The weather's been really bad lately so I'd prefer not to be outside for too long. And I'd like to talk to her so no movie dates.


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  • Hey there! Something that helps there is the fact that both of your are introverts, so that awkward moment of silence between an introvert and an extrovert won't be awkward for you two! If you were the introvert and she the extrovert I would really recommend watching a movie, since it would fill the void, but, as I said, silence won't be awkward for you two. Since you aren't willing to watch a movie and want to stay home, options are short. You could, for example, just hang at the house, nothing special. If you have a fireplace, then light it, because the weather will be bad. I know it's very cliche, but it's very romantic too. As you don't know each other very well, maybe the idea of the fireplace will be too intimate. In that case, you could maybe prepare dinner together and then eat (nothing special, maybe just pasta). Maybe it's a little weird to prepare dinner together, but you could talk while doing it and only you preparing it would be, also, too intimate. Ok, guess these are my ideas. Kisses kisses and good luck!

    • I appreciate your advice, and I originally planned on inviting her to come to my place. However I actually asked if that would be a good idea a few hours ago and most said it wouldn't be too great of an idea.
      I don't want her to feel uncomfortable or nervous by having her come over to my house as a first date so I'd probably save that for a second date when we know each other a little better.

    • Of course, I thought the same as the people who advised you. I just gave these advises because I thought you really wouldn't change your ind regarding having a date inside home! But, yeah, the girl would probably be a little uncomfortable going to your house at the first date (at least I would). Then take her to an restaurant (I would recommend going to the movies, but, as you wanted to talk...)!

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  • Why not do a movie first and then go to dinner? That way you guys get to spend lots of quality time together and if you don't want any silences you can talk about the movie you guys just watched together


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  • I just took girls for drinks when I was dating. I'm not sure what the legal age is where you are though.