Is this normal? Confused by this?

It's suppose to be a friends with benefits thing going on but since we've met 9 months ago and because of distance maybe... We have chatted every day never missed a day where we haven't. We call each other , we tell each other everything , he drives over 2 hours to see me , he tells me he really likes me a lot , I did want to end things but he said that upset him and he doesn't want to as he likes me so much ! When we are together we laugh and have fun and cuddle , he said he hasn't had this much effection from someone in a long time. He says he cares about me and how I feel , and told me he would come and see me 1000 times with out touching me , meaning no sex , he says he's not using me but I am :/ what do you think I'm confused?


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  • Are you confused in what way? If you like him also? Or how will you react to what he said?

  • He sees you more than a friends with benefits, he likes spending time with you and just being with you makes him happy. He's not using you, but he already made it clear how he feels, what are you confused about? Do you feel the same way about him? or are you just looking for a friends with benefits type of deal?