What would you do if you hear your boyfriend with someone else?

If you keep calling your boyfriend several times and he doesn't response or he hang up your calls, and then suddenly he answers the phone by mistake and you hear a woman with him, after midnight. what would you do? would you break up with him? don't tell me she might be his family or friends I know she is not.


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  • Let's put a gf instead of the bf in this place.

    I'd just ask him to speak to her, talk to her what I called for if feasible for her at that time.

    Maybe ask her (or maybe not) the next day / time I meet her & take her answer for truth.

    That's me & I've done it so it's not hypothetical.


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  • I would call him back from a different number so he thinks it's not me, catch him off guard that way if he is hiding something it will reveal itself.

  • Cheaters always cheat again, so break up with him.