Have any of you guys done this before, and why?

Have you ever pretended you didn't recognize the # when someone was texting you. Example, you knew an ex was texting you but you replied who is this" even though u knew it was them. If so why?


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  • I would reply "who is this" to my EX to demonstrate that I am far from interested in her and to "tell her off" if I was in fact pissed off at her. I would never do this though if I simply did not like the ex anymore.

    Otherwise, I would never pretend to not recognize a number unless I actually do not memorize.

    In short, I would pretend only to EXES who really bothered me in the past, i. e. dumped ME, used me, didn't value our relationship and me, etc...


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  • Never once did that in my life... blunt if somehow a contact got deleted, I wouldn't recognize most numbers

  • Hahaha all time.

    • lol but why? ever done it to a girl that wasn't your ex... what were some of the reasons behind it?

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