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I had an ex bf you know like most girls. I been getting to know this amazing guy he's just great! so i will admit my ex and him have similar taste but they are completely different in personality. The thing is they have the same first name? I don't know should i tell this guy or just not mention that he has the same name as my ex? I don't want him to feel like im comparing him at all.


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  • Should you tell him? Absolutely not. It doesn't matter whether you're comparing him with your ex. The very act of mentioning your ex would suggest to him that you're still thinking of your ex. No one wants to hear their lovers suggest that.


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  • Ah, the same name problem, yes! Basically as far as an ex goes, I don't want to hear anything about my gf ex's. What good does that do? I don't think you need to tell him. If the same name bothers you and you find comfort by telling him, then yes, tell him.


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  • You better not tell him because your ex is not part of your relationship and guy's response would be: "OH OKAY. DO I CARE?" so you better not or you start another misunderstanding quarrel.

    • Yeah i guess its unwanted trouble in the end. But what do i do if they coinsidently meet? I mean my ex is my friend so thats the other thing.

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    • Yeah i don't do that but i will keep that in mind. Thanks :)

    • Happy to help :D