Should I stick it out or move on?

there's this guy I started talking to around a month ago. I really like him he says he likes me too but sometimes I'm not so sure. In the beginning we talked all the time and we hanged out but lately we've been talking and seeing each other less. He does have a 6 yr old daughter that he has to care for so sometimes I can't see him which I totally understand but it seems like every time we try to make plans he has to cancel on me. He says to be patient with him he's trying to make things work because he likes me and wants to see me but I don't feel really convinced that he does like me. What should I do?


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  • I say dump him. These are indicators of low interest. Everyone gets busy. I live my life by the "Brad Pitt" analogy. If most women got a call from Brad Pitt to go out, they would clear their schedule and definitely not cancel. You should ask yourself, if this were some supermodel calling him to go out, do you think he'd flake on her?


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  • For sure, give it more time. Being a parent is a lot of work. He doesn't have half the time you do for dating and relationships. So kinda in a way it may twice as long than what you are use to to get the relationship going.


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  • its all up to you... but you better wait