Is this too much to ask from a serious relationship?

So I had a girl friend licking my anus and I really liked, we only hooked up for fun, she is very attractive and I couldn't resist, I know it sounds gay, but it felt really really good, now sadly I'm hooked for life and I want every future girlfriend or wife to do me that favour once in a while after experiencing how good it is. Do you think it will be hard for me to find another girl willing to do that? Is like some girls spoil things for others, like for example my first girlfriend didn't want to have sex normally because she was always afraid of pregnancy and she only allowed me to do her anally, so because she was my first official girlfriend now I'm spoiled and now a girl that lets me do her anally is a must in my relationships.


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  • It really depends on the girl. Some would be ok, some would be too freaked out


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  • haha.. :-) *clap* For once a guy admits to like getting his a** licked.. :-)


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  • I'm pretty sure you will be able to find one, although when you have certain fetishes you limit your dating pool considerably but just keep searching.