I fee so pathetic as a man, what am I doing wrong?

I am a Hard worker who is a virgin, doesn't drink, doesn't party, doesn't smoke or any of that crazy stuff... I am physically fit, I have straight a's etc... as a man I felt proud of what I accomplished so far.
But I realized that a lot of people laughed at me... it makes me sad and causes dull pains in my heart.
I tried everything... u name it I have done it
I try to be confident by being funny and trying to make a comfortable atmosphere to talk. But no lady has taken interest in me.
I tried all types of girls... and I make sure I don't look desperate.
And yes I do have friends that are girls too but they are not into me...

Side note:
I might have realized that Most of the girls at my school are sort of preppy and they are white ( I live in a white area),... I am brown... no I don't fit into any stereotypes
I am going off to college soon and knowing all of this has caused some kind of depression I am having, on top of that I think I have a mental issue where I look a the mirrior I see myself turn ugly as hell
I don't know what to do anymore?


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  • Please stop feeling negative and try to adjust your attitude. You are still YOUNG and there is so much more up ahead, but stop and think what you DO have. I have seen people with their legs blown off in war, wearing fake limbs and working out in the gym harder than anyone else. I have friends, males and females, who caught STD's very YOUNG in life, changing their lives forever. The list goes on. Look on the bright side and realize you will get what you want when you meet the right person. You can and you will.


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  • ooh poor thing don't feel bad! i'm sure i u just give it some time and you'll find someone. u say ur confident but maybe they can tell ur not since u believe ur ugly which means ur insecure. just stop trying and caring so much and sooner or later it'll happen. good luck:)

  • You sound like a good looking guy, a lot of girls especially in high school aren't really looking for the smart brown guy who's careful and isn't inti being a total idiot. It takes a lot but I'm sure especially in college you will find yourself and others like you (Confused, lonely, not really knowing who they are). You seem like a great guy. You can message me if you need any advice I'd be glad to help

  • My boyfriend is 25, and before that, he told me he felt the exact same way.
    Then he met me. I didn't really give a damn about materialistic stuff but more of the guy who:
    didn't smoke,
    didn't party,
    worked hard,
    earned straight a's
    and even with a bad social life.

    And i appreciated all of that. He's from Texas... I'm from Hawaii. So not in the same culture, environment, nothing. You could find someone from the other side of the world who will appreciate what you have to offer. You got a whole life and a lot of people to experience.
    can't shut down already because the same peppy white girls don't find you alluring. You are your own rejection.

  • you are still in high school... wait a year or two bro.

  • yout seem like a good guy. I don't know why people wouldn't like you.


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  • I'd guess life will get a lot easier when you hit college/university.

    Keep working on being sociable. Keep up the fitness. Get a decent hairstyle and clothing that girls seems to like if you haven't.

    Your options are going to go waaaaay up. So be as prepared as possible for that time, and don't let frustrations about your high school life hold you back.

  • everything in life is a mans responsibility

  • So are you owed a girl because you are a hard worker, a virgin, non-drinker, non-smoker, non-partier, are physically fit, have straight A's, and so on?

    Or has the thought that besides being physically fit, none of that stuff really has a direct effect on dating or talking to girls not occurred to you yet?

    • U got the wrong idea

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    • You just have to be yourself and and wait until the right girl comes a long. If you start pretending to be someone you aren't you'll end up living your whole life as one big lie and you'll struggle because of it. One day you'll caught out and the girl of your dreams will see you for who you are.. and not like it because you showed them someone different the whole time.

      Just chill out, keep doing what you are doing and things will work out eventually.

    • Who ever said you have to be fake? You have to be desirable, that's just the law of the jungle. You can fight it all you want but all that will accomplish is more stress for you and leaving you on the outside of everyone's circle.

      You either play up your strengths, become secure in yourself, develop a sense of charm from that, and snowball it into being your best self. No one wants to drag a pity party's emotional baggage and frustrations right off the bat. If you don't fix that stuff, you're dead in the water.