What qualities would a nice woman have personality type?

if a guys looking for a nice woman, what qualities would it include


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  • Guys want a girl who is fun and happy (rather than depressed and sad all the time), who isn't easily offended by "guy behavior", who isn't overly clingy or needy (a little can be okay), who isn't all about gossip and drama, and is loyal, honest, and trustworthy.

    A lot of girls are very insecure (due in part to their own poor choices in men in the past), and that negatively affects their attitude and behavior, which drives a wedge between her and the guy, and that's what guys are looking to avoid.


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  • Understanding, and tending to, a guy's emotion.

    So many girls forget guys are human and treat them like shit thinking that males are emotionless androids. :(

  • Other than the obvious. I'll state some of the less obvious stuff. You need to show emotion towards him. Even though we have it, we don't like to express it. For example, if we get hurt, help us even though we say we're fine, cause we're not.

  • A good human being with a kind heart.
    Sensible enough to control some unpleasant situations.
    Good fashion sense.
    And a good cook for me. Lol


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