I am scared to put myself out there again?

I have only been in one relationship, and it was awful. My ex-boyfriend basically told my whole small town that I was easy. Now, it has been two years since I have dated him. I am so scared to put myself out there. I swear my ex boyfriend broke my confidence that there are good men out there. Especially since he spread rumors about me. Any advice on how to start dating again?


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  • I can understand where you're coming from. My ex cheated on me with her own uncle (yuck, incest) when she was 20 and he was 60, just because he had something which i didn't - MONEY. That was almost 5 years ago, and this experience has left me so emotionally scarred that I haven't even attempted to approach women since the last 5 years. Exact same situation as you, she destroyed my confidence and made me lose hope of there being faithful women. But still, I'm slowly coming to grips with the reality. I got over her pretty fast, but its taking an awful lot of time for me to be able to actually trust any woman for something more than friendship.

    So you see, some people get back their confidence sooner than others. In case of you and me, we're taking a REALLY long time for that, but I'm pretty confident that it will happen! Cheers! :)


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  • I'll tell you a little something. Don't lose hope because there are DEFINITELY way better men out there than your exbf. Just take your time and gradually go into it as comfortable as you feel. Your exbf is a jerk and you will find a man who will just put you in "Awe":)

  • It sucks to be the one who feels separated from society by something like this, but of course you know who you are. Look at anyone else's relationship of who you know. How often do you see your friends have such an awful breakup as yours? You had a one of a kind loser, and their out there, but in very small numbers. First determine what you think would be an ideal kinda guy to meet, then get out there and start looking for him. You gotta pick yourself up and treat yourself to life again.


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