So I meet a new girl but ex is already trying to ruin things with her?

I meet this new girl a couple weeks ago but she sort of also works with my ex girlfriend. at first that didn't seem to be an issue but this week things seem to have gone sour for whatever reasons. all 3 of us were at the bar that other night and I talked to new girl first and everything seemed ok till ex arrives a bit later on. and suddenly starts claiming that I'm like following her around the bar and other accusations. she tells a lot of this to the new girl to obviously turn her off from wanting anything to do with me. I'm sure that's why she did it otherwise would she have done so.

she must be upset that I'm trying to meet someone new that she also knows and couldn't deal with it so decided to try and ruin things for me. and this annoys me cause from what I have heard ex is already in a new relationship with this guy however I've only seen him once so not sure how serious it is or not

so anyways do you think new girl will be totally turned off by what she has seen going on between me and ex or will she still want something to do with me? will she really believe I'm following her around or think she's acting crazy


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  • I say you talk to the new girl one and one and see where her heads at. Let her know how you feel about your ex and that you feel she's trying to get in the way of you two, that way she can see what your ex is trying to do. Which is obviously aggravating and annoying. Goodluck with that and if I were you I wouldn't go out to drinks or anywhere with both your ex and the new girl..

    • yeah I didn't know all 3 of them were going to be there that night , I could talk to her one on one at her work. or talk to ex one on one there which ever is there. but I'm almost scared to go there now that all this is happening.


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  • I would talk to her and let her know what's up and just avoid going to that place where your ex is. Maybe take her out to a nice dinner or something.

  • hire someone to kill her, hope this helps! pick me for MH thanks babe!


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