Why can't I get ladys someone let me know whats going wrong thanks?

hi i like to know why no ladys like to date i tried everything even tried not trying nothing works it seems to me that just no ladys like to date me why is that is there a singles dance in oshawa or some free dating site not pof i been there for 2 years and got not 1 message so thats how bad it is lol thanks


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  • I just went to go and look at your avatar properly and you seem like a well built guy which is great, perhaps the style you give off is slightly intimidating to a woman? Meaning the tattoo and bald look, not that that's a problem because plenty of women like that look, but maybe the women you've tried asking out haven't been into it. You need a good mix of confidence and politeness/attentiveness, start a little witty banter with her and get her laughing perhaps and comfortable chatting with you then casually ask if she'd like to grab a quick coffee. Sometimes when you don't know someone too well and they ram the 'let's date' home like a railroad spike it can be a little full on and intimidating, so try to be casual, confident and charming and if she's a little shy or unresponsive don't take it to heart, slow and steady wins the race :)

    On dating sites it's nice to be open about yourself so a woman can really see what you're about. My sister was on one once and some people rarely made a point of leaving a statement about themselves and expected the pictures to do it all for them. Write a little more about yourself, your views, your personality, where you'd like to take a woman on a date etc, I know men can shut down a bit with these kinds of things but give them more of an incentive to want to chat with you.

    You seem like you'll have a lot to offer somebody so don't be disheartened, plenty of people find getting dates really hard so kudos to you for really going for it :)

    • i tried all the above and still nothing works on any lady thanks for the feedback means a lot

    • thanks for the help and kind words


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  • It may be because you aren't confident. Girls like a man who's gonna play a little bit of hard to get, but he's caring at the same time. If you're of age, next time you go to the bar, but a woman a drink and get one for her friend and maybe give a little wink to the other girl. Don't pay much attention to her after that tho. Start talkin to the girl you originally bought the drink for.


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  • Them chicks only want hot studs.