Why would he block me on Facebook before I could even add him?

I've been talking to a guy for a few weeks but we've known each other for about 4 years. I blew him off years ago twice b. c I was a d-bag. He found me again and has been really truly making an effort with me but one thing is wrong. I mentioned Facebook & he said he got rid of it b. c of me I have a 2nd Facebook I don't use so I decided to log in to it & I found him but on my main Facebook I can't find him even though we have common friends

. He had told me before his ex would message me and say crazy things so I decided to ask a good friend of mine how she knew him & she said she use to cut his hair & he's really sweet and is NOT very active on facebook. So why would he lie about getting rid of Facebook when in reality I know he blocked me? How can I get him to tel me the truth or is is even worth trying.


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  • If he lies to you, it certainly doesn't sound like he respects you much...


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  • Forget about getting him to tell you the truth. He might block you because he is worried other people will say bad things about him through Facebook or through his knowledge of your relationship to him and he doesn't want his reputation to be tarnished like that. I used to like this really hot guy who blocked me on facebook. When I created another account to look at his profile I discovered that he had lied to me about being a virgin, lied to me about being conservative, lied to me about being religious, lied to me about not caring how a girl looks and lied to me about not being into drugs or pot but at the time I thought he blocked me because he didn't like me.