Do you always have a crush on someone or do you have few crushes that just last a long time and drive you crazy?

None needed I'll add my input in the updates or comments.

I only have had three real crushes in my life and they each lasted atleat a year. I guess I'm not the type to settle.


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  • I have had crushes, then they were JACKASS and wow want did I see in them


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  • Well in my life I had only 2 big crushes. One lasted 3 years at least and one a year and a half. Both of the idiots managed to make me cry lol :D And my first crush hurt me the most. I even cried 4-5 months ago because of him and I was over him like for at least a year and a half.
    And the shortest one like a week lol
    At the moment I do not have any crushes.

    • I know that feeling lol my crush lead me on and now has a bf and its been a month and I still have peircing pain in my chest whenever I think about her.

    • I get you :(
      THe first crush actually made me cry after he rejected me (ironically he liked me in 5th grade and kissed me and was even fatter lmao) and then when his friends called me a whale and wasn't even that fat... And last year when they laughed I just burst crying while with a friend

      And my second crush (really popular guy) , we were close friends , so he friendzoned me and everytime he would talk about how nice his girlfriend is I would cry a bit.

      THank god I got over them. Although the first one could still make me cry if he did that again.

      Hope your feeling goes away too :D

  • I always have a crush on someone... And not always for the right reasons.

    A crush is you being physically attracted to someone which is exactly why I said it's not always good.

    But liking someone is slightly more serious.

  • I have crushes all the time. Sometimes they last long and drive me crazy, but sometimes they are short.


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  • Till now only 1 crush for 3 years... too chicken to approach.

  • I have one crush for 6 years but don't have balls to approach her and I am scared if I can't talk to her. I know her family well and I know her pretty well too. :(