To what extent would you try to hang out with a girl you like?

Okay so you're invited to this beach cleanup/volunteer sort of event, and the girl you're interested in is going. You were gonna go but now your friends are no longer going. Would you still go even if you are going to be pretty much alone there without any guy friends?


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  • Personally, I would not go unless I had friends with me. The reason why is because when you go to places like that, you want the girl to see that you're ONLY concerned in getting to know her. So if you itch away from your friends, she can see that you want her and her alone. Besides, whenever you have your boys close by you get an unorthodoxed burst of confidence. However, if you're an extrovertive type person then it shouldn't be too awkward to go alone because 1. you already have confidence and 2. it'll be easier to get to know her if there aren't too many distractions. But as for me, I'd want my friends to be there too.


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  • uhm yeahhh... and to top it off... I would mention to her how at first I was going to go because of my friends but once I found out that she was going to be there, I wanted to come... pending on if the main reason to go to the even was due to friends. and if not., I would try and let her know somehow that I'm there because I want to be with her, and not my guy friends, which I could chill with whenever I want

  • Yes.


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  • You should talk to her before the event and tell her about how your friends are not going to the event anymore and tell her that you want to go but will feel a bit out of place...

    if she says don't worry and that you can hang out with her... voila! =)