He gets jealous I talk to other guys?

We are more than friends, but not lovers. He's 31 and I'm 23. We talk daily via whatsapp and phonecalls during the day, and he videocalls me before he goes to sleep and we go out and hang out when we have time, mostly the weekends, and sometimes on weekdays. So between yesterday and today, he was a bit annoyed or jealous saying "You are flirting everywhere, and you are talking to me, I hear the sound of Facebook chat and whatsapp, you just want every guy behind you, take it easy, it's 2:00am" and stuff like that, and then says "Well I means it's not a bad thing that you talk to other guys, I'm just joking." And my Facebook chat kept making noises so he said "When you are done with the other guys, we'll talk" and he hung up.

Is he jealous and trying to hide it? Or what's up? Should I tell him the truth that for the moment he's the only guy I'm really interested in, and that I barely pay attention to the others? He knows I like him, and he likes me too, but we are both not ready nor looking for a relationship at the moment, but like 3 weeks ago I started to feel something for him, but I guess not anymore, but I still want to talk to him everyday and stuff.


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  • Ide be careful with this guy, there is a big age difference and if he is getting jealous already about nothing, then can you imagine how jealous/controlling he may become if you start dating? Even if you are talking to other guys he has no right to get all moody and hang up on you.


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  • He sounds very insecure and very jealous. I would tread carefully with guys like him because they can become very possessive and very controlling.

    He may have been hurt in the past with an ex-cheating on him and it has made him insecure as a result. If I was you I'd politely remind him that you are not boyfriend and girlfriend and if you want to talk to other men you will do as you please.


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  • Thre's a big enough age difference, that he's insecure about you chatting up guys your own age. He thinks you might find someone more compatible because of the age difference.

    8 years may not be 'too big' an age difference, but it.. is what it is!