Is it looked down upon if a guy has "wingmen"?

I don't necessarily mean have people at your side to help "get the girl".

I mean more like someone who acts as a social coach. If you succeed, you high five. If you screw up and get shot down, you get a reassuring smile, a pat on the back, and go grab a drink to celebrate the effort. They act as the little push out of your comfort zone.

Is that looked down upon?


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  • No and it definitely shouldn't be. Having a wingman pushing you on allows you to leave your comfort zone enabling you to talk to groups of girls or a girl you may think is way out of your league. It's a reassuring presence because if you succeed you have someone who was there to make you feel good about it and if not there's somebody there for you to laugh about it with so you're not just stood awkwardly alone after being rejected and in the end it makes dating a lot more fun.

    A lot of guys that i know prefer to be a with a friend of two and need that extra confidence push before going to talk to girls and the only thing that's put girls off so far is my friends rapey glare which by the way we are working on

    • Haha! How long do you think it'll take to make the glare go away?

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  • Not by me. I used to be my best friends wing woman and know how important it is to have someone there just to give you moral support and push you or laugh about it afterwards or if it goes horribly wrong someone to say "fuck it, lets get drunk"

  • No dear, i have been a "wing man" and im a girl. But just cause i was always the single one lol dont feel bad cause your more available.


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