I'm beginning to hate happy couples, how do I stop?

Seriously, maybe it's because I've never had a girlfriend, but I'm really beginning to hate couples. I'm sick of seeing them, always being all happy and smiling like complete morons, I hate them. I can't decide who I hate more those idiots that got girlfriends, or those other idiots that rejected me. What's worse, is every time I look at my Facebook, I'm bombarded by pictures of happy lovey-dovey idiots having a good time, they should be miserable, they deserve to me miserable, I mean, hey, I have to. What's worse is I always see one particular couple, this girl that rejected me a couple moths ago and her little lapdog of a boyfriend, I hate them most of all. So, how could I stop hating couples, or at least control my hatred of them enough that I can stay sane? And no, I can't get a girlfriend, in case you're wondering, I've pretty much decided that I'm a total loser bound to die alone as a virgin, and no, I don't think things will get any better in college, so yes, all I can do is wallow in my anger and misery, but hey, destiny decided this, not me. So, back on topic, how do I stop my, increasingly, intense anger at couples?


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  • you've at least realized that you are angry and jealous of them, thats the first step. the next step? get yourself some self confidence and positive outlook on life and get out into the real world and find yourself a girl. thats the only way i think will truly end your anger.


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  • You're really just going to have to realize that you're not the center of the universe.


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  • You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you! Don't worry things will turn around I was the same way in high school and thought I'd never have a girlfriend then I started to work out and make more friends. Eventually girls started to notice me and everything worked out. I'm not sure if I can private message you since you posted this anonymously, buy PM me and I'll give you my secrets yo success.