Why is it that deadbeats tend to find relationships way easier?

I'm not sure if it's just where I live but like every deadbeat person has seemingly plenty of options in their dating lives, because they're ALWAYS in relationships, or at least dating someone. Many have kids that they can't even properly care for, whether they're single mothers, or couples that both work long hours on minimum wage and you can just tell that they aren't going to amount to much more. Maybe not even that, only one of them might work, but you get the point. There is a lot of smoking and drugs in the area too, in the more run-down neighborhoods, and alcohol abuse.

Not to mention I've seen a handful of women around that you can tell get beaten by their S. O. s, nasty, swollen black eyes and all and it's just so disturbing to me.

Stuff like that really makes me wonder why a good guy like myself, with a good family background, brought up in a good school system, and that strives to be something in life has yet to even be on a legitimate date. I've never had a girlfriend and I'm so close to starting work in my career field. I'm knocking on the doors of employers now basically. Still plenty of schooling left but it's something that I fully intend to complete, and a lot of people around, I can confidently say, do not go on to earn even associates degrees, let alone 4 year degrees.

I just know I have plenty more to offer but yet, my options in terms of my dating life are severely limited to nothing. I don't want to settle for anyone like I've mentioned earlier, and it just seems like that's all there is around here... these types of people. It certainly doesn't come as easy for me as it does for all of these other people either, because like I said, if they're not already in a relationship, they'll likely have someone new in little to no time flat.

I'm not trying to knock these people or anything, they are who they are, but at the same time, I just don't get that at all! If these kinds of guys can get women after them, why not me?


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  • Well... I don't know? Maybe you are also too picky? Some of the really good guys they're handsome, are ambitious but they are looking for a number ten bombshell. Yes you can find that and if thats what you want go for it because it is achievable and I wouldn't settle - but if you have girls who are like 8's or 6's or less but they aren't your first choice you probably discard them. I think a lot of girls (good girls like myself) get swept under the rug because we are overweight or we just aren't all that physically attractive. I know I should say I'm beautiful and everything but after all the rejections I've gone through I really kind of think it has to do with my outer appearance because inwardly I am fine, I have gone on dates with really good intentions... but guys (majority of them) ended up leaving me... so I'm left to wonder "Is it because of me not being physically attractive enough?" Probably. So maybe you are brushing the good girls under the rug because they aren't a size 4 and don't have long hair and aren't as beautiful as you want them to be? I'm not saying date ugly chicks or overweight girls I'm just saying you may be passing up really nice ones due to them not being the prettiest.

    • Idk, it's hard to find a decent girl around here that doesn't have a ton of issues. All the good girls went off to universities and stuff, which makes sense but that means they aren't around anymore. I attend college too, but I stayed back to save money and to get my grades up.


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  • I am in the same boat.
    Just enjoy what you are doing, travel, be friendly to everyone and you will stumble across a girl in kind.. eventually lol

    • Eventually yeah, that's what I'm afraid of... lol

  • Because deadbeats have way lower standards lol

  • it's because they'll settle for anyone.

  • The girls they go for have no standards

    • Which is funny because I bet if hypothetically, I were to go up to them and ask them on a date, they probably wouldn't accept. It's like they're stuck in their deadbeat ways or something lol.

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  • wow, i'm surprised, really? what is the age range of these guys?

    • Anywhere from teenagers to older men and women. I swear it's like they're mating like rabbits!

    • and do these guys have minimum-wage jobs?