Girls, what are some good conversation starters for a casual date?

We're just trying to get to know each other this Friday at downtown. What are some good conversation starters to avoid the awkwardness?


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  • Read some crazy but recent news stories you can bring up like "oh did you hear about ___________ that happened last week right near here?".

    Ask her what her favorite restaurants are around the area and the types of foods she likes most, maybe go on to favorite candy/desserts and maybe you two can go get some dessert?

    Ask what genres of music she listens to and ask if what concerts/events she's been to.

    Compliment her on something; how her hair looks, nice smile, nice laugh, etc.

    Read some actually genuinely funny jokes online and memorize them to tell her randomly (if you can make her laugh it will lighten the moment).

    If she has a job ask her about what she thinks of it, what she does exactly, what she aspires to do with her career. If she is in school ask about her program, if she likes it, finds it difficult, what her schedules like, etc.

    • oh and if you read up on a bunch of random facts about things, if they tie into the conversation you can throw em in there and make things more interesting e. g. that adding lemon to your water can help boost your immune system, or that strawberries actually have an enzyme in them that helps whiten your teeth


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  • ask her questions about herself like what her fav movie, music, book, place, and such are and just do some listening until you hear something you have in common with her , this gives you guys a common topic to talk about, and it will be something you are both passionate about making the conversation interesting for the both of you and gives you both something to bond over. plus the random compliments help and comment on something that not every other guy might notice because likely she got dressed to impress!! so notice the little things that she put extra effort into just for you, it shows that you appreciate her :)

    i hope this helps you out a bit :) and good luck you are going to do fantastic !!

  • Just think about things that are important to you.
    You want to be engaged in the conversation, so don't just blabber about the weather to avoid awkwardness.
    If you guys are compatible, you'll both be interested in the same things, and you'll both have something to say about them. That's what dates are for.

  • Talk about movies, favorite activities, books, food, placed you have visited. Keep it light and fun

  • I always like making fun of weird things/people around us...


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  • Where do you work?
    How do you like it?
    What kind of music do you like?
    Have any brothers or sisters?
    Did you grow up here?
    Have any favorite movies?
    What do you think about the World cup?

    I'm too lazy to type out anymore just check out this: