Favorite and/or cheesiest pick up line?

I've heard some pretty funny ones before and I was wondering if you guys had any I maybe hadn't heard before. The title is pretty self explanatory, just post your favorite and/or cheesiest pick up line you have ever heard. If you wan't to try to make your own or have multiple, knock yourself out. Thanks!


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  • I'm an astronaut. Later tonight, I'm flying a rocket to uranus.

    • Hahaha very classy indeed.

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    • Why thank you. Since you like alphabet once I'll give you another. "Hey there's only 20 letters in the alphabet right?" Her-" no there's 26." " o I forgot U R A Q T" her- " haha that's cute but that's still only 25." " that's all right, I'll give you the D later"

    • Yeah. You find out if she has a sense of humor and attention to detail, all in one pick up line.

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  • I was walking out of my house one day and this guy in a truck pulls up. I recognized him from the next street over. He starts talking to me and then asks if he is correct about me being a single mom. I said yes. He says, "Well, I'm the gas station man". I said, "okay". He asks, "Do you know what that is". I said, "Not really". He says, "I'm the guy that takes care of the fluids on all women. If you need your fluids taken care of, let me know".

  • Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

  • I got told this once before: "Hey girl, do you have a yeast infection? 'Cause you're giving me a rise."


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  • Are you retarded? Cause you look special to me!

    How many planets are there? "8" There's gonna be only 7 after I'm done destroying Uranus.

    Excuse me girls, I would call heaven to tell them there's angels missing, but I'm kinda hoping you guys are sluts.

    All three of those require a lot of alcohol and will not get you laid. Gurnatee. Actually, I've gotten a number off the last one cause she could tell I was joking and found it really funny. And I only said it cause someone bet me a beer I wouldn't.