She told me not to get jealous tonight?

Ok so im seeing this girl that I've been dating... we've gone on two dates and we have kissed already. We are going to be in a public place (someones house ) for a group bible study. What did she mean by and this is her exact words through text " Aww haha... Dont get to jealous tonight though" im trying to keep a calm head and not get myself angry because if i do that'll be somewhat of a problem... a quick response is prefered since its happening in a couple of hours and thanks in advance


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  • Prolly cause there is some interaction with the guys in the group. And that is y she said that


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  • She might mean that she will be so cute thast you might get jealous other dudes can see how good she looks.

    • Oh ok well whats the best way not to get jealous... i mean i know we're not together yet but still. What are some things to watch out for, i dont want to over react if you know what im saying

    • Compliment her once at the beginning of the date and at the end. Honest ones. and leave it at that. Let the rest be about who she really is inside just be cool.

  • Sounds like she knows she's a catch and she's just teasing you with playful banter. Don't look too much into it. My boyfriend and I have dated for almost 2 years and it's gotten to the point where he feels complimented and proud that other men think I'm attractive.


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  • Well have you been a jealous dude before? It's been two dates. If you've been cool, she may have just been joking. Lighten up.

    • oh ok and yea I've been cool but that was before me and her were dating. I mean why say it at all? i think she did tht on purpose -.- lol

    • Of course she did it on purpose. She did it to joke with you (assuming, again you haven't been jealous and insecure) so lighten up about it.