It's been a few days, why won't he text me back?

I met this guy on a cruise in the teen lounge, and i got his phone number and everything. (He has ADHD too.) I started to write a love song about him, and i recorded it and sent it to him. I actually recorded 2 love songs about him and "Your Song" from Elton John was one of them. he said he listened to it like 50 times and he really liked it. After he listened to the second song, he asked if they were about him and i said "... maybe..." which was a yes. His girlfriend recently dumped him a week ago, and he told me that i was the reason for the break up which made me feel really bad. When i had asked him how he was before he said he was dumped he said he was terrible. numb. not good. And on the cruise, he said his girlfriend was really annoying, so i thought he'd be the one to break up with her. Turns out it was the other way around, and she broke up with him. I've given him his 5 days to be alone in his thoughts and maybe try to fix the problem with his now ex-girlfriend, and he hasn't texted me. I actually did text him like 2 days ago and asked if it was ok to talk to him now or if it was still a bad time and it was delivered, but he hasn't read it yet. I'm just really concerned about him, and I care about him. Why won't he text me back to let me know what's going on?


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  • he may be one of those guys who just never really check their phone, and hate texting. or he mite know he's not in a good mindset to be seeing someone after a breakup. or he mite not feel like he trusts girls at the moment. he mite just not like you. i'd recommend dont text anymore, he'll text you if he feels it's right for him. its not something you can force.


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  • I think he still likes his ex, don't be a rebound!

  • He probably isn't over her