Guys, why would you not talk to a girl anymore after making out?

Guys why would you stop talking to a girl after making out? And if you knew that she's never made out with anyone before


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  • cause the girl doesn't talk anymore and disappears also uses a guy than loses the guy, so when it happens a guy takes that as breaking up or being dumped


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  • That's a weird thing to do. Did he initiate the making out cause if he didn't he may of just done that as to not disappoint you while if he initiated it then he's sending mixed signals. Guys are usually straight forward with their intentions.


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  • Talk to him about it. I dated a guy, much older than me in high school (Senior, freshman type deal) Anyways, I'd never kissed anyone! I really wanted him to kiss me. I never told him that, and he somehow could already tell. There may be a chance he already knows you're inexperienced.
    Guys will let you know (usually, depending on maturity) if they like you or not. It is a bit weird. Just talk to him about it.