Is dating really about opportunity?

I mean if you look around good looking guy's don't always end up with good looking girls as attractive girls don't usually end with a good looking guy what I'm saying is maybe the world isn't as shallow is some make it out to be I guy's usually just want to get laid and maybe they just want a girl who is down to earth and willing to give them the time of day where as the hot girl is either taken or stuck up where as the less attractive girl is nicer and more approachable and maybe girls picking certain guys to date can very from girl to girl my point is maybe guys and girls date the person not so much visual attraction but availability and chemistry this is just my observation


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  • I have noticed a lot more guys going for the less attractive girls. I had a conversation with a really good looking guy and he said looks aren't everything and pretty much implied that while he wouldn't date a wildebeast, his gf did not have to be really cute either. But then again besides his looks and good personality, he didn't have much money. So that goes back to the dating/opportunity thing... I think you will try to get the best person you can find. that doesn't always mean that better looking is better quality. A kind, well rounded 6 that you love being around is probably a better choice than an 8 you dont have much connection with if you are looking for real love. But if a guy had options to find an 8 he connected with then I think he'd go for the 8.


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  • I think it's all about chance meetings.


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  • Yeah you kinda have a large part of it right there