How do you ask people out? By that I mean what words do/did you use (not asking for advice, just wondering how you people phrased it)?

I'm not a smooth guy. I just ask it as modestly and straightforward as you can: Will you be my girlfriend?

I've been asked out by girl and they said "Will you be my boyfriend?".

Any unique ways or is this just the norm?

  • I asked/ was asked out with "Will you be my ___friend?"
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  • I asked/was asked in a variant of it.
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  • I asked/was asked in a unique way!
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Alright so let me clarify. I mean ask out as in asking for a relationship.
Though if you habe a fun story by all means go ahead!


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  • My current boyfriend told me he had feelings for me, than waited a week to ask me out to really get to know me on that level. I thought it was so sweet and different!


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  • Asking someone out is not the same as asking them to be your bf/gf. If you want to ask someone out, you say something along the lines of "Would like you like to go to dinner with me".


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