Friends with benefits possibly getting more serious?

So i've been in a whole friends with benefits situation with my guy friend for about six months now. We have our relationshipy moments but I usually try and keep it casual. Lately he's been holding my hand in public or he's been real protective of me when we go out, like if I flirt with someone he'll come over by us and hug me and just caress my body or something. However last night, he said that our situation was confusing, and when I said that all we were doing was hooking up, he looked kind of offended. I thought it was a little weird too cause his best friend brought up the situation to me and asked me what he and I were doing… Does this mean that he wants something more? Or am I thinking too much into this?


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  • Girl why do you make things complicated, idk? Just relax and decide what do you want and go for it! Isn't it that easy?

    • not really! He gives me too many mixed signals, one time he wants a relationship and then other times he doesn't…. i don't know what to even do.

    • Considering his signals given in public, it is obvious he wants to get one step closer to wedding.

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  • Well from what u said it sounds like he wants more u have met his friends and u show public affection you should ask him how he feels and what he wants out of this