How often should I text this girl that I asked out?

I asked her out and she said yes. Previously we were working together but she left to further her studies so now we are texting each other. Cause we can't talk face to face everyday. How often should i text her?


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  • as often as you want when you're both not busy lol. i text the guy I'm 'talking' to literally all day and if I'm busy i just reply when i have a sec and he does the same thing. and we haven't even been on a date yet. if she is replying short or you feel like she's annoyed just say you gotta go. but girls like to know they're being thought about.

    • she texted me back in quite long texts and always end with a smiley face and we too haven't been out on a date as i just asked her few days ago

    • well sounds like she's interested to me. girls don't reply like that if they're not. so texting her won't make a difference if anything to me its nice cause i know I'm on his mind.


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  • Text her often, but whit in reason. Don't text and especially call her all. the. time, don't be that guy! Because she will complain about 'that creepy obsessive guy' to her friends.

  • I guess you should talk to her almost everyday but not all the time bc you dont know whether she is going to get bored or not, talk to her almost everyday and show her that you care, but always play it cool and show some kin of independence.


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