Does he really mean it when he says he loves me?

So this weekend was my boyfriends birthday and we spent the whole weekend together and he told me he loved me this weekend and that he would do anything for me and was talking about us being together like 20 years from now and that that's the first he said that in a long time and he doesn't want me to go anywhere. But he told me all of this after he blurted out that he was spending time with another girl and he knew he messed up and he knew he'd never see me again. He says he's going to end it but I don't believe him. And I trusted him till then. My ex cheated on me numerous times and I can't deal with that anymore. I told him that no matter how much I love him I will walk away if he cheats. I have a gut feeling that something is wrong. I'm really torn right now. I love him and don't want to loss him but I don't want to be a doormate either. I just don't know what to do? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated


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  • He's cheating if he's spending time behind your back with another girl.

    • We did make our relationship official till this weekend. Does that matter at all or should I just follow my gut and dump him?

    • Well yeah, that makes a difference. From here on out he shouldn't be playing with other chicks.

    • That's what I thought. He said he was going to talk to her. I don't believe him tho


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  • The best thing you can do if your unsure about the validoty of his aledged intentions... is tell him that you want to be slow and steady but in order not to worry him that you will reserve yourself to be his woman as long as he continues to show that he's sincere... its a matter of communication that he will agree to take it slow & steady & proove he is yrustworthy... if you agree to be with him...

  • when I say those 3 words. I mean it.. heart and soul mean it!


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