Would dating in the USA be easier if obesity wasn't so rampant?

So. We all know that the majority of guys really, really, prefer dating slim/fit women. Or at least women who are in decent shape.

And women are more forgiving of weight in men, but still. Most women would rather date a guy who's in okay shape vs one that needs to lose 30 pounds of blubber.

Also, the thing is that just because a man or woman is fat, they won't find fat people attractive. Fat guys still pine for slim women. Fat women still would like a guy in decent shape.

Given that the obesity rates in the USA have horrible (I don't even want to quote it, you can go google it yourself), do you think dating has become harder due to obesity, by reducing the amount of attractive people in the dating market?

Imagine two nightclubs. Club Ala Kickboxing has 100 men, 100 women. About 90 men and 90 women are in healthy weight to excellent, with 10% being overweight.

Club Ala Burger King has 100 men, 100 women. About 30 men and 30 women are in healthy weight to excellent shape, with 70% being overweight or obese.

Which club do you think will have a happier crowd, with more people having an easier time getting a dance partner they find attractive?

  • if people were slimmer, dating would be easier
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  • nope, if people were fitter it would make no difference.
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Here, examples.
Bleach my eyes body type.

Decent shape, not perfect or very good.



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  • I agree. Not only would we look better, but we'd have sexier body language and be more fit and vibrant if we had better diet and exercise.


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  • I think people just lower their standards slightly to be honest, I mean obesity is becoming pandemic, at least among the westernized world, so everybody is having to look past the weight. It's not just one or two people that we can choose to overlook when dating, the majority of people are overweight so it makes sense that to increase our chances of finding a date we branch out a little. I guess you could say people are more likely to settle these days, although I don't think any of this applies to attractive fit people. They will always find dates with eachother :)

    I guess for overweight people dating is harder and will possibly always be tough unless you're with somebody who is equally overweight because you aren't as insecure and feel more comfortable with somebody of the same size. Slimmer, fit people however who don't have to settle might find it easier because they've narrowed their search to a smaller group of people. Those of us who find dating difficult already might feel more comfortable approaching a bigger person because you feel more confident or that there's a less likely chance of rejection (generalising here, I apologise) :)

    • "so everybody is having to look past the weight."

      lol no, those of us who are fit don't look past it. XD

    • I just said 'I don't think this applies to attractive fit people' :) I mean for those who aren't so much, people have to look past a few extra pounds because otherwise it can be very hard to find somebody if you're also less than perfect :)

  • I cannot agree or disagree, while the many may prefer a fit person to date some still find not obese but full people attractive but then again what is obese? Are you referring to someone who is 30 pounds overweight - then that person is just overweight but if your referring to someone who is 100 pounds well that is obese and yet there are people who still find this kind of weight attractive and you can't say America is the only country that deals with this - in Russia - which they just mentioned last week in 2 years at the rate the food industry is going and the way people are eating - every second Russian person will be over 100 pounds overweight... I really think mcdonalds should have never been opened in other countries - that crap is not even real...

    It really depends on the person - I have heard guys say before they used to find stick thin girls attractive but now they look towards more of a woman who has meat on her bones so its a 50-50 outlook

    • obese is 20% heavier than a person's healthy weight should be. you can google a bmi calculator. and do you mean muscle or blubber when you say meat on bones? (wtf is that expression anyway? i'm not about to cook a woman.)

    • lmao just an expression like meat is for the man and bone is for the dog lol its a metaphor which still is used today anyway... bmi is not necessarily true because body mass index dude it varies as you walk, stand, sit, run as in kinetic energy so bmi is not at all true plus our mass is completely off in space - to me your healthy when you have no stomach because the stomach is where all your problems develop like heart disease, cancer and etc

  • Obesity rates are up, yes, but so is the pressure to have a relationship. Society pushes it constantly. In fact, I can't think of one person I know that is obese or even significantly overweight that is not in a relationship, but I can think of several right off that work out regularly who are not, and haven't been for awhile. Desperation counteracts a lot of things.

  • I think you just need to suck it up, and get over it:)

    • I am. it's the fat ladies that can't accept why fit men have standards, lmao.

  • There is a reason fat used to be beautiful. Much simpler than a status symbol or signs of wealth and child bearing.

    It was rare. Now, skinny people are attractive to many people. Skinny is now less common than fat. Do ya see?

    People want what is rare. It is in human nature to desire what we can't have. Slim people down and eventually fat will be beautiful again.

    • You have a good point! The 70's was all gaga for Twiggy, super skinny, then the 80's were Cindy Crawford, nice curves, 90's going back to thin, 2000, thinner, currently more heathy and toned and veering away from the Kate Moss look.

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    • My very fit, toned ass. ;) You sound like one who needs to lose about 40 pounds, hehe.

    • Whatever helps you sleep at night, sweets ;)

  • I don't think you can speak for all men. Coming from the US I can see what you're getting at but the issue with obesity shouldn't be if people are attractive or not it should just be about them getting healthy.

    • why should it not be about attractiveness?

    • Because an attraction is not 100% all physical.

    • nope, but physical is very much attraction.

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  • Just speaking as a skinny guy who has dated bigger girls before. I think a lot of it has to do with self confidence. I dated a girl for 2 years who may have been chubby but I didn't have a problem with it, but she constantly was insecure about it no matter how much I told her or tried to show her I loved her. Eventually the relationship ended because she continued to insist that I wouldn't always find her attractive and she was persistent in that belief. What some people view as attractive others may not, but showing no confidence in yourself will be your worst enemy.

    • it's not about confidence, for me. it's about "if looking at you kills my arousal, this ain't gonna work." confident fatties aren't any hotter than insecure fatties.

  • Not necessarily. It would be similar. A big part of beauty relies on rare attributes. Attractive people are the minority. If the weight was shifted all that would mean is that something else would be seen as attractive since the majority would be fit

    • according to whom? in the 1950's, the vast majority of Americans were fit, but we weren't getting obese models everyone liked fit people. nothing indicates that if most people were slim, slim would stop being attractive.

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    • p*rn still mirrors everyday life. The majority of p*rn is amateur with mainly unfit people. The p*rn stars are the mot paid and least common bodies all round

    • BTW, in the 50's they had adds for pills that helped women gain weight. Much like diet pills are sold today.

  • If your preference is thin people and their are more of them, yes I think having more options would make it easier. Close to 70% of men and over 60% of women are overweight in the US.

    • oh, I don't think most people want underweight people. They want fit people who are in a healthy bodyweight, vs people who are overweight and obese.

      Thin/=/physically fit.

    • Sorry, by thin I meant "healthy bmi" range.

  • I don't know about you, and I guess it's just where I live, but there are a LOT of healthy built people here. Both men AND women. Of course there are a few chunky monkeys every now and then, but yes I think dating would be easier. I have seen a revival though in both sexes wanting to get fit, though. Which is good news for everyone.

  • Definitely. Any girl on the street who isn't skinny, it's like she doesn't even exist.

    • you ever see a fat girl with a great face and feel sad? like, "damn, if you were 40 pounds lighter, I would be trying to get your number?"

    • I do! I feel sad at the lost potential. Wasted genetics.

  • They recently changed how they gauge obese. Made the numbers sky rocket. :(

    • What is the new criteria?

    • Look it up, I forgot myself, just remember reading a long article about the BMI changes. I'm too lazy ATM. Lol