How do I impress a guy and dress like a pro for a hiking date?

It's supposed to be in the high 50s and rainy but I really want to impress him and show him I know what I'm doing! What should I wear?


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  • invest in some good hiking boots that supports the ankles. its good esp with slippery rocks. id just wear any comfortable pants cause nothing is really water resistance unless its some time of plastic/rubber haha dont wear too much cause youd probably sweat. wear whatever jacket you have that doesn't soak up water.
    dont bring a umbrella. youd look like an idiot. youd have your hands occupied to even use it. youd be under the trees most of the time. won't be as soaked as you think. but youd be steping in lots of mud.
    bring extra pair of socks and shoes to change in. you can bring clothes if you want too. put everything in a baggy though.

    • beware of the rocks and trunks that are covered in moss. they get very slippery/slimy when wet. I've scrapped my whole arm when i ran along the trunk cause i tried to avoid a hugeeeeeeeeeeee puddle of mud haha
      when climbing up rocks, always step on it first to see if its in place. I've seen lots of people wobble and lose balance cause they didn't check :o

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    • i just wear whats comfortable and breathable. last time i wore a softshell, it was around 60 degree and my legs were sweating like crazy.
      for hoodie and jacket, id go one or the other. unless you get cold easily then do both :|


      it says waterproof and breathable haha


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  • Just go netflixing, ain't nobody got time for no hike

  • By coming properly prepared lol. If it's going to be raining bring a rain coat, warm clothing, hiking boots it might be real muddy in some places so don't be surprised if you have to walk through some.

  • Pause you obviously don't know what your doing. So don't fake it. Ask him. Say I'm not really that experienced but I'm really interested do you mind giving me some tips. Use it as a platform to get closer.


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  • Just ask the guy, he will appreciate that you asked for his advice. Its better to be honest just in general, but also bc he will know pretty quick that you don't know what you're doing. That being said you need real hiking boots, NO JEANS, pants that dont absorb water easily but you can move in, a windbreaker or light rain jacket, lots of water and a snack. If you want to get serious about hiking you need proper equipment and attire to protect you from the elelments.

    • Thanks so much for your advice! What are pants that don't absorb water? I can borrow a pair of softshell pants my sister wears for skiing, would those work?

    • Soft shell would work. If you care to spend the money they make actual pants for the outdoors that are similar. Cargo like pants or anything that isn't soft cotton work fairly well.

  • its hiking, dont stress wear comfy jeans and tee shirt with a sweater , and sneakers