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I been in a relationship with a guy... he wanted me to date him I was 16 years old and he was 20 my parents put a stop to it fast. But when I turn 18 we started to date things was great fun and a big high he moved in with my parents things started to change he change into an asshole and cheated on me and I was foolish to over look it.. well when I got out of high school we moved in together things was calm again and great... but couple months he started back up but different he force sex and cheated on me I hope he gonna change but didn't taken many months break up that was about two years together... the didn't leave me alone texting me and bugging my parents where I was and doing.. when I got very sick in the hospital he was there for me and watching over me saying he love me.. I think he changed... I end up moving out my parents and closer to him.. but we end up being together again out the blue guess he my first love I hope he changed... Will things was great but something was different I care for him not sure I love him.. he a good cuddle.. but I don't like kissing or sex (bc I always get a burning down there some reason ) he started do things make. me upset and started touch me down there.. I have big goals in my life.. he can't even pay his bills on time.. and I do.. he not so smart.. I think I love him and get jealous.. I don't know to do.. someone please help


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  • Hi not to sound mean but he is a big loser a control freak you have probably heard the saying once a dog always a dog well you have a dog on your hands he will keep cheating if you like cuddling get yourself a pet the nice thing is pets don't cheat but if you are looking for a relationship with nice guy that won't treat you bad and won't cheat you better dump him quick because the longer you are with him the harder it will be to meet the guy of your dreams because he may walk right by you and you may never notice so just remember there are good guys out there so don't worry.


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  • leave
    he's going to end up cheating on you if you stay with him, and we both know your going to go crawling back to him, and he knows it to.
    Leave dont be a pawn and be set free hiunay

  • In the end, it's coming to an end. You are goal oriented and maturing, and consequently, you are less naïve. Therefor, you are realizing that he is not, and perhaps never was, the ideal guy for you.

    Do not prolong the inevitable, drop the zero. Find someone who has similar goals and core values.


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