So really why did she run to him?

This girl and I became friends at work rather quickly but she's in a relationship so it made things awkward and hard between us. It was mostly just small talk but her and I would walk together almost every single day and talk. She didn't do this with anyone else so I was confused. The thing is we'd walk together everyday one week, then she'd disappear on me the next. This would frustrate me so I began to ignore her then she'd come running back and we'd repeat the cycle over again. I occasionally talked about other girls being hot when I know she could hear. So over time I thought she might like my buddy too because I'd see her flip her hair and smile at him occasionally. She did this right in front of me a few times and sometimes would watch me while she did it. This would make me so mad. I paid less attention to her and periodically ignored her. I noticed over time it looked like she was leaving like right after my buddy everyday. Like one minute after him down the stairs no matter what time he left early or late. I'd watch from the breakroom and never saw them thing only her coming out as he was getting in car. Figured she wanted his attention or something. Around Christmas time I decided to ignore her hardcore and was cold to her. I could tell she was off with me and pissed. My buddy tells me that she has been following him out everyday and they are walking and talking like we used to. He even said it was creeping him out. Why did she do this? Also, why did he exaggerate?


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  • I'd say she needs to feel wanted. You said she's in a relationship right? Maybe she's not getting enough attention from him so she tried getting it from you. The times where she disappeared on you she might have been trying to patch things with her current boyfriend. When it didn't work out she came back to you. After a few times in the cycle she needed more attention and started getting it from you and your friend. I guess she was pissed at you because she wasn't getting the attention from you she needed. Now it seems that because of that she's gone full stalker on your friend. This whole ordeal could be because her boyfriend isn't giving her want she needs.

    • She did kind of go full stalker mode on my buddy, which was strange and I don't get why. It seems like if it is the three of us together I am her main focus, so I don't get why she went to him this way. I thought she may like him too, but it was like when I completely ignored her is when she switched to him. Up until that point I had never really seen them talk so that is weird?

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    • Does she want me to feel hurt by this or something? The funny thing is how I didn't know it was going on, the walking and talking with him everyday thing. He brought it up one day, I kind of had a feeling something may be happening, but wasn't for sure. He said "man, its really weird every time I go out to the parking lot she's there too, and it's actually kind of creeping me out, and we're walking and talking every day too" It was always her and I talking for months and I'd never seen them talk really like her and I in 7 months. Then all of a sudden she's walking and talking with him behind my back so to speak every day.

    • That could be it. I don't know she sounds nuts. Don't think you should get caught back up in this.

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  • She just wants attention and to play games. She's not your gf though so why are you mad? Its bc you're not really friends, you want something more right?

    And you're afraid she wants your friend over you? This type of girl will never be satisfied with one guy, she'll always play games. So if you try to make her your gf, you'll probably be on here a lot more asking questions bc of her lol just saying.

    • Yes I want to know why she switched over to him

  • Oddly if girls feel like they can't have somethi ng they want, theyll settle for the thing thats the closest to it. That or she is tryna make u jealous/ she is crazy lol

    • She def is crazy. Next thing closest like how? People say we look kind of alike. Lol.

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    • She wants your attetion over your friend since you denied her. But now that she has both of your guy's attention shell prob just go back and forth between yall.

    • So what do you think of this? I used to skip lunch meetings bc I didn't want to be made jealous. So she had been skipping like the last 6 months only going to one when I was out of town. And she was sure to let me know about it. She also will call in sick for group outings that her and I talked about going to. Which kind of pisses me off. The other day in a meeting she was flipping her hair around trying to get me to look. I didn't. She looked over at me then I looked over and she looked the other way quickly to play it off. Then she gets up and leaves in the middle of the meeting?

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  • She's using you for attention, attention that her boyfriend probably isn't giving her and since you reigned in the attention, she is now trying to get your attention by trying to make you jealous in front of your friend. Girl's like this really are immature and not worth the hassle. Just ignore her and find a single girl who doesn't need outside attention.

    • Thanks bro. It is sooooo strange to me. In my head I'm like does she want me to make a move on her? I mean going to that extent to get my attention back is crazy and I don't get it. My buddy was like WTF, he was like "man it's really weird, like every time I go out to the parking lot she's out there too and it's actually kind of creeping me out" When he told me that I was like in my head "jesus seriously what the fuck is going?"

    • Never go after another man's woman, such behavior is low man and you don't know what can of worms you'll open going down that route.

      Continue to keep away from her and tell your friend to do the same. Her behavior is beyond pathetic and I cannot fathom why you or your friend give this woman the time of day.

  • She's just an attention whore.

    • I guess, but I've never really seen her do this with other guys, and it's pretty much all guys we work with.