First Kiss Help! Information!!!?

When you have your first kiss, should you have your mouth closed or open slightly? Any info on first kisses would be great!

I'm 13 and going into 8th grade!


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  • Okay! Your month should be slightly opened and make sure not to pucker your lips, a) it feels like you're kissing a wall b) you look like a fish, make sure to keep it short and sweet, let him ineshiate the kiss guys like being in charge or at least feeling like they are, use your hands! Don't let them dangle at your side! Put them on his cheek, right opunder his chin, wrap them around his neck, put them on his chest! CLOSE YOUR EYES GOD-DAMN-IT! Its weird when you don't! That's basically it! Happy kissing!


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  • I was your age when I had my first kiss, all I can say is to relax and have fresh breath. Don't do anything you're uncomfortable doing. If you're nervous just follow his lead

    But until the time presents itself, just worry about being a kid. :)

  • Closed first. It'll be stiff and a little awkward at first, but no worries, that's how it is with everyone. Experience is the best teacher.