How do you become exclusive and in a relationship not just dating?

How did you two enter into a relationship? How long did it take? Did you have sex already before or after? How did you know it was a relationship and none of you were seeing other people?


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  • As for me i know this guy for 2 years and we've been good friends ever since. We are in the same team. I never would have imagine that we will come to the point wherein one of us fell inlove with the other. I asked him through text why he touched my hand when we were in the taxi (just the two of us) he said nothing. But it goes on and on until he kissed me on the lips. I txted him again why did he do that. He said he just wanted to. Then i confronted him that "friends" dont do such things. He said he won't do it anymore. Weeks have pass and he said he love me. I know deep within me that i like him too and i am ready to take the risk. So now i am confident to say that we are in a relationship. No more hiding with friends. We're about to celebrate our first month next week :) .. can't wait anymore... :))


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  • You have to DECIDE that together; one of you has to propose it. It won't just 'happen. l


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  • Much better if you don't have sex first because guys love the chase.

    For instance, you two see each other for a few weeks, ask him casually if he is seeing other woman. If not, ask him what are his thoughts on becoming exclusive.

    What I did is I already told him during our first date that I am not gonna see someone else anymore because I don't want to get sick, and I am not getting any younger. He just agreed. After 8 weeks we had a heated argument and he claims that he is not comfortable seeing me with other guys and he thought we're exclusive because I told him during our first date what I want. :)

    Just play it cool and try not to get really serious for the first few weeks. If you guys are getting along and the frequency of meeting is increasing or set up is a routine (like meeting every weekends), time to bring up the "e" word. How to do it? Like what I said, ask him if he is seeing someone else. Then everything will follow.