I'm like a 19 year old guy... And I'm 16? Help!?

Okay so I've been talking to this guy that I have known for about 2½ years.. I've had a crush on him ever since we first met, and he likes me. But the problem is that he is 19 (legally an adult) and I'm 16 (a minor).. I know HE DOES NOT WANT SEX FROM ME, just trust me on that. He is really sweet to me and has NEVER tried anything like that, we've kissed but that was in truth or dare lol. He makes me smile non-stop and he makes me feel beautiful and no guy has done that before. So my question is, do you think the age difference is inappropriate? Any and all opinions will help :)


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  • No problem with that girl. Age difference does not matter in a relationship okay. By the way you have 3years as an age difference right. And if you love each other don't worry about it okay.:)

    • Actually it can mean a felony. Look up statutory rape. Asker, inform yourself about you local laws, but chances are 16-19 is legal.

    • hey thanks for MHO


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  • the age difference is not a problem.

    but one thing is that both of you will grow up. and you're going to change, have experiences, and disagree on some things.

    you're hardest thing to do is to stay with each other and act like adults while you're still kids.

    you two will grow up and not fit into the box or description youve made for him.

    but if you want to stay with him, then learn to forgive each other, and bear each other's faults. and to help each other.

  • HE DOES WANT SEX FROM YOU. Trust me on that. Yes, the age difference is on the cusp of being inappropriate and possibly illegal depending on where you live.

  • It don't think 3 years is a big difference. But it might potentially cause some problems depending on the state laws since your under 18. Not to mention your still in high school and he's not.

    And as others have said its foolish to think a 19 year old doesn't want sex.

    He may not make his intentions clear, but don't think they aren't there.

  • He does not want sex from ya... Sure...

  • I don't get i. You are like a 19 old guy but you are 16? wtf?


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