Complicated with a military man?

So I knew this guy before he left for the military 3 years ago. The thing is we never really talked until he left. We ended up falling deeply in love. Im talking constantly discussing kids and homes and marriage, he was gonna marry me in the next year. But all of a sudden, out of the blue he told me he needed to figure some stuff out in his life (he lives across the nation from me currently). Then he told me he wanted to be able to fuck other people... And naturally I got upset, we had never officially started dated but both had said we feel as though we were. I thought I knew of a personal problem that he was going through and brought it up saying "Oh now I understand why you've been avoiding me latley" and he replied well I met some girls and weve been hanging out and they are trying to hook me up with their friend." then he told me "so your not entirely correct". Every time I try to contact him and tells me that he can't talk now and has to go. And he told me he didn't want to be lovey dovey for a year until he comes home. I don't understand why this is happening... Do you think he cares?

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  • He wants to fuck around for a year/enjoy whatever before getting into a serious relationship. He was going to do that either way. so its better that you know now. Up to you to decide whether you want to wait for a year and see if anything could happene b/w you or you could just move the fuck on.


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  • Sounds like he isn't ready for relationships. You're gonna have to move on, the guy probably won't get back to where you live for a while unfortunately, so you ought to move on, after all, there's plenty of guys around! Cheer up!

  • Did you start this relationship while in long distance? Have you guys been on a face to face date before?

  • No he is not worth your time. move on


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