My trust issues come in the way?

So on Monday i went on a date with a guy I've been talking to for few days, he lives 5 minutes away from me
I asked if he wanted to hang out again and he said
sure thing! ill let you know if i have time inbetween going to the monutains and this weekend when i go out of town.

So im sitting here thinkinh is he interested or making excuses , i know he is out of town but what if he doesn't have time, will he contacted me when he is back or only if he has time?


What Guys Said 1

  • Stop worrying about it!

    You have a life, don't you? LIVE IT, and stop wondering about what might or might not happen.

    He will either call you, or he won't. Worrying won't change that. Stop worrying.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't worry about it haha. he said he'll contact you and make plans when he can. Let things run their course.