Have you ever been friend-zoned but remained friends because it seemed better?

Because being friends with the person seemed better than not having this person in your life at all. I've done this before, its been 2 years and I think I made the right choice. Just want to know I'm not the only one lol


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  • i think it´s worth the pain because "maybe" she changes her mind (unlikely but hey i won´t mind if it happens) but the biggest upside is: they friendzoned you so they feel kind of guilty and want to make it up to you... so they probably are the best wing-men/wing-women, one could ever imagine !


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  • lmao only when I go out of my way to make it happen :)))

    But ya I can understand your thinking. Must be a cool dude.

  • I've done it, it was the wrong choice.

  • I did. Biggest mistake ever. Not going to elaborate but I won't ever do it again. I tried to be friends, because I thought that's what she wanted. What she REALLY wanted though was somebody to want her every time she broke up with a guy or felt bad about herself and needed a self-esteem boost. So she would do as sorts of little things she knew would drive me crazy and give me the idea she changed her mind. So I'd start thinking "Oh, well this is odd, maybe she wants more" start falling for her again, then bam, she's seeing some guy (but never actually tells me she is seeing anybody, keeps it a secret from me). Just all sorts of shady behavior.

    It made me realize that there are PLENTY of people out there I can be friends with, why should I be trying to be just friends with one of the few people I 100% wanted something more with? Why put myself through that? So now I say forget that, if I come across the rare person I'm really into and they aren't interested, I just walk away. No use putting myself through the ringer trying to kill those feelings and stay friends. Rather do what is best for me.


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